This butter and garlic mix is probably the most versatile of them all. Make a creamy dip for your chips and pita.... make a shrimp or seafood scampi... make a chicken scampi... make a garlic bread brush on baste for beneath your cheese... make a cheeseball... add it to your meat and chickens as a marinade prior to baking or pan searing. You'll love it any way you try it.


Net Wt. 25g


TO MAKE AN OIL BLEND: Empty package in a small bowl. add 3/4 to one cup olive oil. Allow to sit 30 minutes before use. TIP: Do not use extra virgin as it strips the flavor.


USE AS A SEASONING: Rub on steak, add to stews, rice, chicken or shrimp! When mixed with olive oil, use for dipping bread, cooking or marinating a variety of meat, poultry or fish.

Savory Butter Garlic

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