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Zombie Brain Dip

Yep, you read that correctly! Around our parts we literally have Zombies walking around since The Walking Dead films in locations all around us, including on the street we live on. Below are Laura (left) and Jennifer (right) with one of the Zombie extras.

Typically in the Fall, we share this tasty dip creation with our friends in Gay, Georgia where they film some of The Walking Dead television show at the Cotton Pickin' Fair location. Ironically, the show refers to it as the town of Woodbury which is actually about 8 minutes further south. The dip doesn't last long but for the lucky few, they get to savor the Zombie inspired delicacy that is made using our New York Cheesecake desert dip mix.

Very delicious! Love Not Just a Dip! Everything I have purchased from here has been a hit! –Amy H.

This finished dip has all kinds of textures ranging from the smooth dip and cherry sauce to the chocolate graham cracker crumbled crust. While it's sweet, it's not too over the top in and has a great balance with the cherries for that added fruity flavor. We did buy a silicone brain mold to shape our creation but you could also hand mold it to make it appear more realistic. Just watch out, you might just hooked on eating brains, like those zombies do!

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