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Kid-Approved S'mores Dip

Are you ready for an outside campfire but maybe you are stuck inside because of weather? Check out Sassy Bell Delights' Sinful Chocolate dessert mix in our version of a chocolate s'mores dip!

We met a lovely couple at the PTC Night Market and our new friend Ingrid wanted a S'MORES dip. Well we weren't quite ready to try our hand at the dip itself but it didn't stop us from making it with what we had in our pantry!

Tips for our S'mores Dip made form Sinful Chocolate

- Mini is the way to go. To add some decadent flare to this dip, consider adding mini chocolate chips and mini marshmallows either in the dip or on top as a garnishment.

- Complete the experience. Make sure you have graham crackers or Teddy Grahams to give the dip that campfire feel.

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