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How to Make a Bell Pepper Dip Bowl

Have company over and need to spruce up your table with a little flare? Try making this Bell Pepper Dip Bowl to hold one of your favorite Sassy Bell Delights savory dip mixes. It's fairly simple to make but we did find the larger peppers not only hold more dip, but are easier to core out.

1. Start by washing your bell pepper. Use one or several different colors for multiple dips. This is a great look for celebrating Cinco de Mayo!

2. Slice off the top about 1 inch down. You can throw away the top if you wish but it makes a nice accent piece to your new dip bowl.

3. Core out the center stem and seeds and dispose, leaving the bell pepper hollow and ready for your dip.

4. Mix in a bowl your choice of Sassy Bell Delights savory dip as per directions on the back of the label.

5. Scoop the dip mixture into the bell pepper and serve with your choice of chips or crackers and garnish display with bell pepper top. Enjoy with family and friends!

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