Bacon Drop Biscuits

If you're like us, grandma's homemade biscuits were hard to beat. If you like bacon, these are a great substitute that you can easily do in your own oven, without all the hard work. All you need is our Bacon Lovers dip mix to bring the flavor home.

Tips for making Bacon Lovers Drop Biscuits

- Use Finely Shredded Cheese. While any shredded cheese will do, the finely shredded cheese has an easier time melding with the other ingredients.

- Got milk? If you want your biscuits a little more moist, try substituting half the water with milk. If you substitute it all, just keep an eye out during baking so you don't burn your biscuits.

Need other ideas for your Bacon Drop Biscuits?

These biscuits are great as a side to a salad or perfect for breakfast. Here are a few ways to incorporate them into your meal. Just know, you might be making double batches.

Pair with a lunch or dinner. Because these bacon drop biscuits are savory, they really compliment as a bread component with soup or salad.

Hungry for breakfast? If you need something on the go, try slicing the biscuits in two and adding a sausage or chicken patty in between. Make these ahead of time (wrap tightly in plastic wrap and they will last a few days. Remove wrapping and place in the microwave for 1-1/2 minutes to reheat.