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Game/Fundraising Rules are as follows:

  • To select a "team" as a possible winner/entry, you must purchase your chance from our Dip Championship Store.

  • Each entry is $1.00 and is considered a donation for our fundraising to bring awareness to Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

  • You can enter as many times as you wish to donate.

  • Each game will have one winning entry selected where the individual will be notified and sent the winning dip at no additional cost.

  • Each winning entry will be automatically entered into the Dip Championship game where there will be a GRAND PRIZE winner selected from all entries.

  • Entries will be cut off prior to the listed game going "LIVE" on YouTube and/or the company website.

  • The Grand Prize will consist of a basket containing several dip related items including but not limited to a Dip Chiller and one dip mix of all sixteen participating dip mix teams.

  • Identified winners are final and will be chosen via a random selection tool.

  • In order to be notified of winning you must provide a valid email. All emails collected for fundraising purposes will not be used for any other purpose other than to notify winners.

Go back to the Championship Games Main Page for the games and to see which Dip Mix Team wins.

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