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Welcome to our Inaugural Dip Championship Games! We knew that football would be a little on the light side this year due to COVID-19, so we wanted to have a little something extra. It has now grown into a fundraising opportunity and also a way for one of our customers/fans to win a bunch of our handcrafted all-natural gourmet dip! For complete rules on this fundraiser please visit our Dip Championship Games Official Rules page.

Want to participate? It's simple...head over to our Championship Store and "purchase" an entry for the team(s) you think will win the upcoming game(s). Make sure you download a game bracket sheet to help keep up with the games and read the fundraising/game rules. Each purchase will go towards our fundraising efforts to bring awareness to Triple Negative Breast Cancer. If you pick a winner your name goes into a drawing for that game where one person will get the winning dip sent to them. Each week, all winners will be entered into the main drawing for the GRAND PRIZE winner. So the more you entries you have, the more times you will be in the main drawing. The grand winner will receive a dip chiller and a dip mix of each participating dip mix in both leagues...that's SIXTEEN dips to one lucky person...and a bunch of fun for everyone!

Check in weekly here to this page or our YouTube Channel for the games and to see which Dip Mix Team wins.