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About Sassy Bell

Our founder, Lisa Ficalore had a passion in decorating. She began decorating and crafting at an early age and was immediately hooked! The one thing she strived for was to add a little extra creativity to all home décor - whether it was in her own home or yours. Lisa’s motto is "no idea is wrong when your creating." She loves to get feedback from her customers and works with them to make their home decor as unique and original as they are!

Lisa lives in a very small town in Middle Georgia called Gay. Not too many have heard of the rural town but it is very quaint and peaceful which gives her plenty of time to work on my many designs. She is blessed with the best husband one could ask for along with their two dogs who run the house along with their two cats.

Today Lisa’s design business has grown into many facets from staging homes for realtors to DIY classes where she teaches others to make Pinterest type items without the fail people often associate

with their own designs. In early 2018, she partnered up with friends to create a chauk paint line that is currently carried in several stores in Northeast Georgia. The list keeps growing with design opportunities so there is never a dull moment.


Throughout the years, her passion for designing transitioned into creating great seasonings for cooking and Not Just A Dip was born! These seasonings make the best, well everything. Lisa’s recipe for the best meatloaf with the sun dried tomato and basil is a favorite among family and friends. Her husband Shane, takes grilling to a whole new level, making the best burgers with the Southwest Jalapeno dip seasoning. The dips go even further using them as meat rubs for smoking and grilling. Need a good salad dressing? Try some Zesty Cucumber Dill and olive oil. There is no wrong way to use the “dips”.

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